Lisa Burger’s Technology Toolbox Session

Ever stayed up late trying to find a new CRM, WordPress plugin, invoicing tool, or __________________ (fill in the blank) for your business?

Let me guess! You ended up calling it a night around 1:30 am, telling yourself you’d start up the search again “tomorrow?”

If you’re struggling to choose the right technologies for your small business, it’s honestly not your fault. (And no, you’re not stupid either.)

Choosing purposeful technology tools for your biz is NOT simple because
there’s too many options available. 

I get it! You start doing basic research and before long, you’re ready to give up — more confused and frustrated than when you started.

Here’s an example.

Pretend you’re trying to find the best accounting app or software program for your business.

If you Google “small business accounting software,” you’ll discover that there’s close to 52 million results for that search topic alone.

52 million results!?! Where do you even begin?

If you’re brave enough to look at the search results, here’s what you’ll find:

  1. Reviews from bloggers whom, let’s face it, don’t know your business or how you work. Some are even paid via affiliate links to promote certain products, which means you may not be getting an unbiased review. Not to mention there’s thousands of articles that are outdated and completely irrelevant as to what’s currently available. When I searched for “small business accounting software,” I found an article that was already four years old on them very first page.
  2. Sales pages from companies who’ve paid big dollars (or somehow got super lucky) to show up high on the Google search results. Of course they’ll sound good – they’re trying to sell you something!

Glancing at those search results, I’m telling you right now that if you focus on only those, you’ll miss out on some great options that might be the PERFECT fit for your business.

You’re smart so you pick and choose a few articles and sale pages that look good. You might even survey some friends to see what they use.

But all you end up with is a notepad full of confusing scribbles, more questions,
and even more options to research.

No new system selected. No tangible progress made. Sound familiar?

And here’s the worst part… Accounting and bookkeeping are only ONE aspect of your business.

Imagine repeating this over and over

For information on website options and plugins, email marketing, social media marketing, email and phone communication options, your unique business operations, invoicing and payment collection, project management, etc.

It’s no wonder that you feel overwhelmed when you think about technology for your business!

What you really want is for someone knowledgeable (and wise)
to narrow down the playing field.

That’s exactly what I do for  you with my Technology Toolbox Session.

You and I have a focused one-on-one conversation where I learn about your business, where you’re at today, and your goals and objectives for the next 6-12 months. At the end of it all, you get a customized list of technology products and ideas that fit your business (including your budget) and how you operate!

I help you find PURPOSEFUL technologies that fit and serve your business.

Shannon E. O'Connor, Owner of
Shannon O’Conner
February 24, 2014
Had I met Lisa Burger when I first became self-employed...

...I would probably be sipping a Pina Colada on some remote island with my fellow retired millionaires right now instead writing this client testimonial. If time is money, THAT’S HOW MUCH TIME SHE WOULD HAVE SAVED ME.

Okay, that estimate is admittedly a bit on the high side, but when you combine the hours I spent researching programs and troubleshooting problems with the loss of productivity that ensued as a result of my accompanying angst, there’s no way to know for sure. While I know I can never recover that lost time and potential revenue, I hope to help other women avoid the same trap by spreading the word about the amazing Ms. Burger and the power of her technology coaching services!

What makes Lisa Burger so awesome? I’m glad you asked. Lisa is one of those rare individuals whose brain truly fires on ALL cylinders. Technology whiz? Check. Superior communication skills? Check. But here’s where the triple threat comes in . . . Lisa also possesses the ability to channel her unique blend of skillsets and impart her knowledge in a manner that empowers her clients. The report of recommendations Lisa created for me after our Jump Starter session was incredibly comprehensive; the way she organized the information coupled with the fluency of her writing style made it very easy for me to comprehend as well as navigate the document.

What I found most impressive, however, was Lisa’s talent for adapting her recommendations to not only my individual business goals, but also my learning style, skill level, and preferences. As a result, I believe any and every business owner could benefit from a Technology Toolbox Session with Lisa Burger. I have implemented several of her recommendations already and plan to seek additional coaching from her in the future. I highly recommend you contact her for a strategy session NOW while you still can because I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be long before this lady’s dance card is permanently full.

Instead of wasting hours upon hours trying to get a grasp on all the available products and their respective features + benefits, at the end of our Technology Toolbox Session you’ll leave with a list of purposeful apps and suggestions that are hand-selected, just for you.

It’s a personally curated “Best of Technology” list that’s unique for YOU.

Part of my job as a technology coach is to keep up with the latest apps and new software offerings.

In fact, I’ll tell you a secret. I love evaluating technology products and seeing what’s newly available! It seriously “turns my crank.” I could do it All. Day. Long.

I evaluate tools from many aspects, including price, usability, ease to install and maintain, will it scale, is it be customized, data security and much more.

There’s no reason for you to waste another second (or another brain cell) trying to sort out which options are in your price range or what the pros and cons are.

The Technology Toolbox Session narrows down the technology tools that you need to
better market yourself, grow and scale your business, and value your time.

Ready? Click to schedule now!

The Technology Toolbox Session is PERFECT if:

  • You’re a service-based small business managed by a creative + motivated independent contractor, freelancer, and/or entrepreneur and you’re sick of wasting your time (and losing money) trying to figure out the tech stuff by yourself.
  • You’re maxed outmaking changes, or concerned you’re not keeping up with what tech tools are available, and  you want the straight 411.
  • Or, you’re a new business (or wrapping up the planning stage) and you want to launch with the right tools at your disposal and skip some rookie mistakes.
  • You’re comfortable using and trying out basic technologies – or at least not afraid to hire help! Can you use a smartphone, email people, and Facebook confidently? Then you’re good to go!
  • You have clarity about whom your business serves and what you’re selling (or will be selling) to them.

The Technology Toolbox Session is NOT for:

  • Businesses who are struggling with defining their products + services.
  • Anyone who need lots of tech help. My private tech coaching packages would be better suited for you.
  • Established businesses making one last ditch effort before calling it quits. (Truthfully, more technology won’t help you.)
  • Businesses who already have a full-time IT person or who have their own private network and internal servers looking for enterprise options. (Congrats, you’re too big for me!)


While the Technology Toolbox Session will be most beneficial if you already have an online presence (website, blog, social media accounts), it isn’t required.

You’ll still get a list of purposeful apps and products for other areas in your business.

(Plus, we can discuss website options and best practices!)

Lisa saved me hours of stress and doubt!

As a solo business owner trying to stay current with technology, I often worry that I am not using the best options for my business. When I try to research new gadgets and software, I get lost in the jargon and pros and cons. I don't have to worry and stress anymore. My Jump starter strategy with Lisa let me know what I was doing well and where I could streamline and improve. Not only in general terms, but in very specific, achievable steps. And knowing Lisa is only an e-mail away if I have a quick question while I implement her suggestions gives me a lot of peace of mind. Now I have an awesome technology plan for the next few years, and I no longer worry if I am up to speed or waste time floundering for answers. Every business needs a technology coach to help steer the way through the ever changing landscape of technology, and I strongly recommend Lisa for the job!

Cindy Clemens
Cindy Clemens
February 12, 2014


My “12-Point Technology Inspection” Covers:

[gc layout=”4″ separator=”|” tag=”div”]
[iconbox title=”Your Biz Operations” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Social Media & Online Marketing” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Task & Project Management” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Website Improvements” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox][/gc][gc layout=”4″ separator=”|” tag=”div”]
[iconbox title=”Invoicing, Contracts, Payments” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Assistants & Employees” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Customer Support” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Managing Events” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox][/gc][gc layout=”4″ separator=”|” tag=”div”]
[iconbox title=”Webinars & Online Courses” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Email & Communications” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Online Security” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox]|[iconbox title=”Accounting” icon=”” icon_size=”full” icon_position=”top” display_learn_more=”false”][/iconbox][/gc]
For each of the above general topics we’ll get down and dirty to see what’s being taken care of and what needs some TLC.

The Process: How It Works

[process cols=”4″]

[step title=”1. Intake Form”]You’ll complete a short 20-minute intake form and share some background information with me before our session. If available, I’ll review your website, do some Google searches, and look at your social media presence before we chat.[/step]

[step title=”2. First Interview”]You and I will chat on the phone (or via Skype) for up to two hours. We’ll cover the areas mentioned above that affect you. I’ll be asking lots of questions to fully understand how you run your business, it’s operations and it’s unique value proposition.[/step]

[step title=”3. Custom Report”]I create your custom report with the tools, apps, and ideas that I see as being the best fit for where your business is at today. I’ll even highlight the areas that I think should be your highest priority.[/step]

[step title=”4. Follow Up Call”]We’ll schedule a one-hour follow-up call where I’ll go over the report in detail with you, and you can ask questions to get clear on what the report says.[/step] [/process]

Ready? Click to schedule now!

Your Investment

Finding technology tools and developing practical systems for your biz seems like it should be easy, right? You’re smart AND you have the power of the Internet at your fingers!

You might feel like it’s something you should do yourself. But as you’ve discovered, it isn’t that easy.

Look, I want to see your business get it figured out now. It’s crucial to your business’s success to find the right systems and I want you to be the exception that NAILS IT and THRIVES in your market.

Please ask yourself: Is the constant research you’re doing the best use of your time? Does not having the right tools and systems hold you back from having the business you crave and desire?

Let me help save you days of unnecessary research (and agony). My Technology Toolbox Session will set you up with proven tools you’ll love that fit your style and your business.

You’ll be able to implement & execute new tools and ideas for your biz immediately. Receive the small business technology help your business deserves.

Price: One-time payment of $525.

Ask yourself honestly: How much is your time and sanity worth to you?

Imagine how reassuring it will feel to know that you’ve got the perfect tools you need to
meet your goals + grow your biz?

Confidence? Check. Smooth sailing? Now it’s possible!


February 18, 2014
Even for those who THINK they know Tech!

I am known for being the techie person, but I decided that even though I know how to code, there are different aspects of my business I need help with.

Lisa was able to easily identify quick fixes, some longterm goals and a solution to my desire to have a barcode system.

Working with Lisa was fantastic and I highly recommend her to anyone with a small business!

Value your time. Grow your biz. Start by filling your Tech Toolbox. CLICK NOW. Let's get started.

[notif type=”info” closeable=”false” display=”true”]Note: If you’re a product-only business interested in the Technology Toolbox Session, please reach out to me prior to purchasing. I want to ensure I’m the right gal for the job – it will depend on your business and its goals.[/notif]