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Ever wished you had a supportive and practical tech ‘stylist’ for your business? Someone who:

  • Selects the perfect “technology wardrobe” (finds the right apps and tools) for you, so your biz looks and operates fabulously.
  • Shows you how to use what you’ve already got and “work it” — instead of feeling like your tech is working you.
  • Takes care of the technical heavy-lifting when it’s above your head.

If you’ve answered yes, you’ll love my technology coaching sessions.

What Is Technology Coaching?

Technology coaching focuses on discovering and using the apps and systems needed for your biz to reach its next level. It includes lots of support while you learn to use those tools. And by meeting regularly, coaching also keeps you accountable.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got to make improvements to keep up with demand, technology coaching can help you reach more prospects and customers (thanks to online marketing and better communications), grow and scale (really, the right tools make a huge difference), or just find ways to automate and simplify – so you can enjoy the good things in life.

As your business tech coach, I help you choose purposeful apps and products and then learn how to best use them.

It’s one-on-one. You’ll have someone to help you strategize and set priorities with. Like a personal stylist, I know what works for one business might not be the right fit for another. So I listen closely to how you think and like to work, then I carefully choose tools that’ll work best for you and your biz. And then I support and coach you as you learn the tools and create your operational processes.

How Technology Coaching Works

I currently offer three coaching packages. You’ll choose the one that fits your needs and goals.

Lisa Burger's Mini Skirt Coaching Package: A Lite Round of 1:1 Tech Coaching with Thrilling Results



More of a D.I.Y. person? I also offer a one-time strategic Technology Toolbox Session. It’s a detailed 12-point inspection of your business. At the end you saunter away with a list of new ideas and suggestions for products and apps that fit your business. I promise you, it’ll save DAYS of unnecessary research.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I work with service based micro-businesses owned by creative driven women (and men!) who are serious about their business — but don’t take life too seriously.

My clients include freelancers (including bookkeepers, marketers, copywriters), coaches (including business, life, and health coaches), creatives and artists (including gallery owners and authors), realtors, and independent contractors in the wedding, fashion, health, and/or beauty industries.

Unsure if I’m the right fit for you? Please reach out to me and we’ll talk more to figure that out.

[/toggle][toggle title=”What topics do you cover”]Common topics include getting comfortable with social media platforms – especially LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Lots of clients want help with using WordPress, email marketing, and keeping track of projects and emails. Some clients want to learn how to launch a new service, or how to host a webinar to better promote themselves.

If you’re one of my Business Attire clients, I’ll often coach them on building (or redesigning) a website for their business and help them get their business email and phones sorted out.

With more advanced clients, we’ll take a deep dive into all aspects of their business – from their sales funnel and accounting to how they’re tracking projects. We’ll figure out what’s taking too much of their time or not setup at all. Then I help them select the right tools and get it setup. Then I coach them on how to maintain that process and develop good habits with their technology.

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