Jump Starter Strategy Session

Details about the Jump Starter Strategy Sessions are coming soon.

Shannon E. O'Connor, Owner of
Shannon O’Conner
February 24, 2014
Had I met Lisa Burger when I first became self-employed...

...I would probably be sipping a Pina Colada on some remote island with my fellow retired millionaires right now instead writing this client testimonial. If time is money, THAT’S HOW MUCH TIME SHE WOULD HAVE SAVED ME.

Okay, that estimate is admittedly a bit on the high side, but when you combine the hours I spent researching programs and troubleshooting problems with the loss of productivity that ensued as a result of my accompanying angst, there’s no way to know for sure. While I know I can never recover that lost time and potential revenue, I hope to help other women avoid the same trap by spreading the word about the amazing Ms. Burger and the power of her technology coaching services!

What makes Lisa Burger so awesome? I’m glad you asked. Lisa is one of those rare individuals whose brain truly fires on ALL cylinders. Technology whiz? Check. Superior communication skills? Check. But here’s where the triple threat comes in . . . Lisa also possesses the ability to channel her unique blend of skillsets and impart her knowledge in a manner that empowers her clients. The report of recommendations Lisa created for me after our Jump Starter session was incredibly comprehensive; the way she organized the information coupled with the fluency of her writing style made it very easy for me to comprehend as well as navigate the document.

What I found most impressive, however, was Lisa’s talent for adapting her recommendations to not only my individual business goals, but also my learning style, skill level, and preferences. As a result, I believe any and every business owner could benefit from a Technology Toolbox Session with Lisa Burger. I have implemented several of her recommendations already and plan to seek additional coaching from her in the future. I highly recommend you contact her for a strategy session NOW while you still can because I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be long before this lady’s dance card is permanently full.

February 18, 2014
Even for those who THINK they know Tech!

I am known for being the techie person, but I decided that even though I know how to code, there are different aspects of my business I need help with.

Lisa was able to easily identify quick fixes, some longterm goals and a solution to my desire to have a barcode system.

Working with Lisa was fantastic and I highly recommend her to anyone with a small business!

Cindy Clemens
Cindy Clemens
February 12, 2014
Lisa saved me hours of stress and doubt!

As a solo business owner trying to stay current with technology, I often worry that I am not using the best options for my business. When I try to research new gadgets and software, I get lost in the jargon and pros and cons. I don't have to worry and stress anymore. My Jump starter strategy with Lisa let me know what I was doing well and where I could streamline and improve. Not only in general terms, but in very specific, achievable steps. And knowing Lisa is only an e-mail away if I have a quick question while I implement her suggestions gives me a lot of peace of mind. Now I have an awesome technology plan for the next few years, and I no longer worry if I am up to speed or waste time floundering for answers. Every business needs a technology coach to help steer the way through the ever changing landscape of technology, and I strongly recommend Lisa for the job!