About Lisa

Welcome! I’m Lisa Burger.

It’s my goal is to help your business find success by embracing smart and affordable business technologies that give remarkable returns on their investment.

As a fellow small business owner myself, I understand the economic challenges of owning a business today. Instead of becoming another consultant you have to rely on to do your business (and let’s face it, pay a huge sum of money regularly to), I do things a little differently.

First, I help you discover the best business technologies for your industry and market that are in your budget.

But, here’s where I really shine…

I show you what you need to know to use those technologies yourself.

Honestly, many technologies aren’t hard to use after they’re setup and configured correctly. The hardest part is selecting the right solutions that meet business objectives and then getting everything ready to go.

As an IT professional, I do the hard technical “heavy-lifting” behind the scenes to get things rolling. Then I coach you only on what you need to know to use the tool in your business successfully.

You’re able to do the operational day-to-day tasks for your business, which gives you control and flexibility.

And it saves your business some major cash that way, too. Because outsourcing isn’t cheap. (And it has some other drawbacks, too.)

I want to share with you my definition of business success.

To me, success means that you are making enough money to stay in business, that you’re able to grow and expand (if you want to), & that you’re proud and satisfied with your business as a whole.

Success also means that you have found the balance you need between your business and your life. That your business is to a point where you have time to enjoy the things you love the most – like your friends and families, or your hobbies.

I help businesses get clear on what business technologies solutions can benefit them and lead to that type of success.

I’m part technology strategist, part bargain-hunter, and part motivational coach.

(A few clients might call me their personal tech drill sergeant, I suppose.)

Either way you look at it, I’m 100% devoted to helping you & your business do even more and make the transition to its next level by implementing common business sense with the right technologies.

About My Nerdiness

I’m a friendly nerd with a Bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University (aka the “Cal Poly” in San Luis Obispo) in computer science.

I’m also in the final stages of becoming a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) which requires five years of experience and for you to pass a  difficult six-hour exam.  I recently passed the exam (yay!), and I am now completing the final application for approval.

After six-years working full-time as an IT consultant at Cal Poly, where I was an IT project and security analyst, I was ready to take those skills and try something new. I loved the technical aspects of my job, but I missed working side-by-side with real people. I knew I could impact and bring technology to more people.

For a few years before taking the leap I had dreamed about working with everyday people and helping them discover the joy and usefulness of embracing technologies in their life.

A year into my business, I realized that 95% of my clients were women business owners who needed a resource that was knowledgable, non-judgemental, supportive, and friendly.

They needed someone to help them choose and use the right technology solutions for their unique business. (Note: There are no “cookie-cutter” solutions when you work with me.)

I now focus my time and energy fully at StartUp! on helping driven and busy women (and men, too!) develop a technology strategy plan customized for their industry and business. Then via different programs I offer, I help you develop your businesses processes using those technologies so you can meet your objectives and goals.

Click here for some fun facts & my professional bio.

Get to know me better!

I offer a few different (& free) ways for you to get to know me and see my style:

Or join me on a Business Introduction Consultation (35 mins)

If you’re serious about seeing if I’m the right person to align your business with technology, I also offer a 35-minute Business Introduction Consultation over the phone or via a video chat online. (If you’re local here in the Central Coast, I’d be happy to meet in-person in North County or SLO.)

We’ll chat about your business to see if there are obvious areas that working with me would improve.

If so, I explain to you what programs are available for you to consider at the end of the consultation. I charge $35 for the Business Introduction Consultation but if we end up doing further business together, I refund the fee on your first bill. Contact me if you’re interested in setting this up.

A Little Bit More About Who I Work With

The businesses I help are typically “micro-businesses” with 5 or less employees.

Many times the business owner is the only person involved with the business. (Or, they are an independent contractor working with a small group of other independent contractors.)

Business owners like to label themselves with lots of different adjectives, so to be super clear here’s a list of the people I typically work with: small-business owners, entrepreneursfreelancers, independent consultants, independent contractorsself-employed business owners, sole proprietors, people who run a side-business, and people who have crazy cool hobbies they want to expand.

If you’re interested in working with me, I offer a 35-minute “Business Introduction Consult” over the phone. (Or, if you’re local, I actually prefer to meet in-person at a coffee shop. It’s more fun that way!) The purpose of the Intro Consult is so we can get to know each other a little better and see if I’m a good fit for you and where your business currently is at. Click here to learn more or to schedule that Intro Consult!